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LEC (Loisirs Culturels a l'Etranger) is a travel organization headquartered in Paris. Since 1972, LEC has arranged visits for French students to American homes. Every year, nearly 250 students count on families like yours to open their home and their hearts for three weeks in the summer months. These French ambassadors are here to improve their English skills, to learn about the American culture and create friendships that may last a lifetime.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I am also looking for coordinators to assist in recruiting families. The compensation is good, the rewards... priceless! Looking for help in VA, MD and south PA. If you want to spread the word about our program ask me about it. Call 703-392-6234 and leave a message. I'll get back to you.
LEC is back! The students are signing up and we'll be kicking off the 2013 season in San Diego. Once a year, all General Coordinators meet in a different city. This year, we chose San Diego. I can't wait!

This year again we'll be hosts to two groups of 25 students each. Here are the dates:

 JULY 9 go 29th
AUGUST 6 to 26th

Reserve your student NOW, they go fast! I will start receiving student's profiles soon, and I can watch for your perfect match. Let me know your preference such as gender, age, interests and I'll put the perfect match on hold until we meet.

I'll be posting student's profiles as soon as I receive them, end of February or March.