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LEC (Loisirs Culturels a l'Etranger) is a travel organization headquartered in Paris. Since 1972, LEC has arranged visits for French students to American homes. Every year, nearly 250 students count on families like yours to open their home and their hearts for three weeks in the summer months. These French ambassadors are here to improve their English skills, to learn about the American culture and create friendships that may last a lifetime.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I just heard from a past host family The Fays. Their daughter Lisa will be graduating from high school, and her family will take a vacation to London and Paris to celebrate. They will be spending time with their French student Armelle in Paris who came with LEC two years ago. Susan (the mom) says that the girls created a lifelong frienship and it all started with their hosting a LEC student. "The girls are so excited to be together again" says Susan.

Well, this is a success story, and I have heard so many. This is an unbeleivable opportunity for everyone. If you would just open your door, and your heart to a French teen. Susan, thank you for sharing and enjoy your trip to Europe.

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