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LEC (Loisirs Culturels a l'Etranger) is a travel organization headquartered in Paris. Since 1972, LEC has arranged visits for French students to American homes. Every year, nearly 250 students count on families like yours to open their home and their hearts for three weeks in the summer months. These French ambassadors are here to improve their English skills, to learn about the American culture and create friendships that may last a lifetime.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

 July 11, 2012, our first outing. What a fabulous day! Our group of 15 headed for the capital around 9:30 am. We met with the Maryland students and their coordinator Kathie around 10:30. Our tour started with a stop at the Lincoln Memorial, and we walked through the Korean War Veterans Memorial and the World War II, to reach the Washington Memorial Monument. Although we had packed lunches, the students couldn't resist to see the largest McDonald in the nation, or the second largest in the world! After lunch, we made our way to the Capitol where Ron Jackson, a personal friend of mine was waiting for us at the Visitor's Center with a big smile on his face. The security officer was not smiling, and confiscated a couple of butter knives, and a bottle of perfume. Oh well, lesson learned. It was well worth it. We walked through the various rooms and corridors, admired various paintings and statues, experienced the whisper spot and met with Freedom, the statue who lives on top of the dome. It is a must see, and I strongly suggest to book a tour, if you have not experienced it yet. Our next excursion will be on the 19th. See you then!

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