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LEC (Loisirs Culturels a l'Etranger) is a travel organization headquartered in Paris. Since 1972, LEC has arranged visits for French students to American homes. Every year, nearly 250 students count on families like yours to open their home and their hearts for three weeks in the summer months. These French ambassadors are here to improve their English skills, to learn about the American culture and create friendships that may last a lifetime.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We still have students -- all boys! -- on our August 2-22 list. They are eagerly awaiting news that host families will be welcoming them. Will you be one of those families? Have a look at their profile. Just click on the name to see their interests, a photo, and a letter to prospective host families.

This is a great opportunity to get to know French guys and their interests while sharing with them what it is we like to do. Many are anxious to experience American sports. Summer teams and August practices at school would give them a chance to see those sports from the inside out. They also like Wii and video games, movies, biking, swimming, and listening to music.

Host families, don't worry that there is are no girls available. We have several host families who receive students of the opposite gender because their kids would like to have sister or brother if only for a short time. One family with a daughter at home has had three male students over the years. Last year, a family with two teen daughters welcomed a teen boy, who was a hit with their friends, both male and female.
We've had boys who love to cook and have whipped up some delicious crêpes or other French goodies for their host families. Some guys are interested in history and love to see museums and historic sites. Others are into politics and are anxious to hear your point of view. If you read what a guy's ambition is, like doctor or pilot, you might get some ideas on where to show him around.

Host families will greet their student at Dulles International Airport and then the fun begins!

If you are concerned that your child or children might have to return to school before August 22 rolls around, you might have a family member, neighbor, or friend willing to devote some time to the student. As a last resort, LEC can plan day trips or other activities for students who would otherwise be left home alone.

Please contact us at (703) 392-6234 or write to loulamy@comcast.net for more information.
Review the Application Form and the Host Family Handbook (it tells you everything you ever wanted to know). There is no need to print the Handbook -- we'll give you a copy!

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  1. Beautifully written narrative about the boys, Louise. You should write a book! ;-)